The Project

Rocket Lab is a competitive analysis tool wich uses IoT Networks to provide easy to use, meaningful competitive information about cellular services.

The Solution

Visual analytics engine that will make it easier to create interactive visual analytics in the form of dashboards.

The Challenge

Create a tool with a lot of features and different layers geared towards Cartographer engineers and Telecommunications Engineering with a focus in the User Experience of the tool.

My Role

Senior UX/UI Specialist from the Innovation team.


  • Paper and pen
  • Axure
  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator


 Low Resolution Wireframe and Prototype

Low Resolution Wireframe and Prototype


Creation of icons/pins to use inside the map.

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 16.36.59.png

UI Details

All Project was based using Material Design Guideline.

Final Layout

Dashboard Page

Page to create new dashboards. The user can edit title, description and will appear an automatically thumbnail or they can add an image manually.

The Dashboard can be filtered and searched. 


 Dashboard Page

Dashboard Page

Discovery Page

Side menu with all layer that users can combine to see the result on the map and also in the instrument pool area.

User can also determine a start and end date for the analyses.

Selection Tool, Play Animation showing the changes on the map, search for location and Swipe tool to compare two different layers at the same time.

In The instrument Pool Cards, user can find more tools as Rocket Tool that gives the user a smart read of the charts,
zoom and menu to add this card to some Dashboard or Export the data.

 Discovery Page

Discovery Page

Control Area

A Quick way to see all possible issues referred to a project and compare your problem with different Companies.

 Control Page

Control Page

Demo Video

Rocket Demo Video